Thursday, 9 February 2017

ReactJS or AngularJS – Wondering Which Framework to try Your Hands on?

The world has options that satisfy the various needs and requirements of the people. Javascript has frameworks all having features that are useful in some way or the other in creating a dynamic web application from scratch. There are people who say that AngularJS is the best framework and some go for ReactJS. In this world of choices are you caught between two stools? Let us have an in-depth discussion about the two of the most famous frameworks of Javascript.

Talking about AngularJS development services and ReactJS development services, we often think they are two different Javascript frameworks that are very well separated by name but when it comes to functions both of them strive to give the best of web solutions. The children of Javascript were given birth to bring about a sense of creativity and smooth functioning of the web. Today, let us compare both these siblings of Javascript and find out which one is the smartest.

What's the difference between AngularJS and ReactJS?

Let us compare the two pillars of the Javascript framework to see who wins the battle of the best framework.

When we talk about who came first then the winner would be AngularJS. 2010 saw the birth of AngularJS whereas the year 2013 is considered to be the birth year of ReactJS. According to the facts, AngularJS is elder and more experienced than ReactJS, making it the most preferred and sought after Javascript framework.

In terms of simplicity, AngularJS involves a complex coding process, whereas ReactJS has a much simpler process when it comes to coding. ReactJS would be needing less help from the support community as compared to the AngularJS developers.

A voluminous database might create a hurdle for AngularJS users as they might experience a delay in pulling the data from such a huge database. ReactJS is comparatively quicker in pulling the data even from a voluminous database. When we talk about speed, ReactJS wins this round.

When it comes to using and imbibing the AngularJS frameworks. AngularJS development services makes extensive use of its MVC architecture making coding a fun filled experience whereas ReactJS has fewer features making it lag behind in the race of the best Javascript framework.

One gets to solve the bugs quite easily when the application is powered by ReactJS, where you can make use of the React developers tools extension to solve the bug. AngularJS sometimes proves to be extremely difficult when it comes to solving of bugs.

A final note:
After the comparison what we can understand is that both have their set of credibility as well as shortcomings which cannot be overlooked. It entirely depends on you as to what suits best for you and what would you like to go for. If you have fallen head over heels with both the frameworks then you could blend in both so that you won't feel bad about not using anyone of them. Moreover, you could use the one that entirely makes you want to go for it and use the other option for the other project.

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